How it works
Local delivery, solved.

How it works

Imagine a sheet of paper with two columns. On the left is a list of stuff that needs
to get delivered. On the right is a list of people available to do pickups and deliveries.
Now draw lines connecting the stuff on the left with the people on the right.

That, hugely oversimplified, is Point Pickup.

Instead of paper we built a next-gen technology platform, PUPMastr™.
It automatically optimizes scheduling so deliveries get made in the most efficient way.
Meaning customers get their stuff faster. And Drivers maximize the amount they earn.

We worked hard to make working with Point Pickup easy:
For Individuals
Point pickup isn't only for businesses - it's also for busy people.

Dry-cleaning, groceries, those keys you forgot - use your point pickup app for pick-ups and deliveries of pretty much anything so long as it's legal. Follow the same steps as in the merchant section above - just tell us where the pickup and delivery are and when the job needs to get done. (You can schedule multiple pick-ups days or weeks in advance.)
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For Businesses
Once you've created an account, you're ready to use Point Pickup to take care of all your local pickups and deliveries - so you can focus on taking care of your business.
- Using the Point Pickup app or, tell us where to pick-up and where to drop-off.
- Tell us what time the job needs to get done.
- Once you've entered your info, you'll be notified as to who your Driver is and what time he or she will arrive.
- We'll also tell you the cost of the delivery. And we'll notify you once the delivery is complete.
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Once you've created an account and passed a background check, you're ready to work!
- Using the Point Pickup app or, just tell us dates, times and the area in which you are available to work. (E.g., weekdays, 1-6pm, 10 mile radius around my house.)
- Once you're set up, you'll get an alert whenever there is a pickup available in your area during the working hours you selected.
- For every pickup, your app will tell you where you're going, when the job has to get done and how much you'll earn for doing it. You can also see a running total of how much you've earned over time.
- Best of all, you can update your availability settings anytime you want to. Remember, you don't work for us - Point Pickup works for you!

*We are always looking for new drivers with all types of vehicles, licenses and qualifications*
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How we charge

Please use GET A QUOTE functionality to get exact pricing for your delivery. It’s fast, free and super easy to use. Generally, the minimum charge is $15 and covers up to 3 mile distance between pickup and drop-off. The pricing is based on location, mileage and type of delivery requested. Oversize items - anything larger than 4’ x 4’ and heavier than 35 lbs - are an additional 50%. Google maps calculates the distance.

When you place the order you will know:

- The time of pickup
- The time of delivery
- The total cost
- The name of your Driver

How we pay

If you're considering working as a Driver, welcome to the most interesting section of our website!
You keep 80% of the cost of each delivery request you complete.
You'll always know exactly how much you'll be paid for a delivery before you choose to accept that pickup.