point pickup is available in the following markets and areas - please see "locations" area maps.
  1. Manhattan to New Haven CT, Suffolk County, Long Island
  2. Boston West to Framingham, MA
You will always see the total cost of delivery before placing a delivery request. Delivery cost is a flat fee for the first several miles with additional charge for each additional mile. The flat fee and variable mileage charges may vary by location. For items measuring over 4'x4' or weighing over 25 lbs, there is a 50% large item surcharge. Depending on other requirements of your order - additional stops, scanning, signature, etc. there maybe incremental charges. Delivery cost may also be augmented during certain heavy usage times, particularly during the holidays. ALL charges will be itemized in GET A QUOTE and when placing an order. You will see the total cost of your delivery request before you place your delivery order and before it is accepted by a driver. The charges will not change once the order has been placed, unless you, the user, selects surge pricing.
Our Drivers are typically members of the community, people who already live and work in your area. You may already know some of them. And even if you don’t know them, relax: They’re all background checked.
Our Drivers make their own schedules. Generally you can find someone working any hour of any day of the year. As long as a Driver is available, we’ll make it happen.
Privacy and security are our top priorities. All billing information is stored with our payment processing company, which is PCI - (payment card industry) compliant for handling financial data. Bottom line, point pickup has built an industrial-strength system to protect our customers’ – and our company’s – financial security and privacy.
When the delivery is completed you will receive a notification of completion. Your credit card will be charged upon delivery.
To create multiple accounts or account types, you must use an unique email address for each account. However, the same mobile phone number and account information can be used for multiple accounts.
If you experienced a problem with your delivery, please contact us at (866) 886 - PPUP (7787) or help@pointpickup.com. You have 48 hours after Driver notifies you that delivery has been made to tell us about any issues. Any refunds will be made using the original form of payment.
how to use
Glad you asked – it’s easy!
  • Enter the pick-up and drop-off addresses.
  • Enter pick-up and drop-off times and package details.
    • Use the flexible time (+/- 0-90 mins) to create a time window around your pick-up and drop-off times.
    • Use the notes section for specific information or instructions; anything that will be helpful for the Driver (e.g., company name and/or suite number, contact name, contact phone number, what the package looks like, etc. We strongly recommend you include a note for your Driver. Better details = better experience!
  • Preview your order and then submit. point pickup’s matching engine will pair your request with an available Driver.
In life, timing isn’t always exact, and this is what flexible time is for. This button communicates to your Driver a window of time around your pick-up and drop-off times. For example, your dry cleaning will be ready to be picked up any time between 10:30am and 11:30am – so you would set a pick-up time of 11:00 am with a flexible time of +/- 30.
That’s up to you. You can schedule an order whenever you want - now or in the future. For perishable items like food, whoever creates the order (the customer or the business) is responsible for timing the pick-up for when the item is ready. The sooner you place your order, the sooner you’ll have the peace of mind knowing it will be taken care of.
After you put in your request, all Drivers whose criteria match your request are notified immediately. The first partner to accept your request wins the job and we’ll send you that partner’s name, photo, and phone number.
The best way is to use the notes section of the order form. Enter messages such as “leave on back porch” or “ask for Isabella at the pick-up location.” Once a Driver accepts your request, you will have that partner’s phone number so you can communicate directly.
In your app menu, in the history section, you can view all your orders. Tap any order then tap the driver’s name and select from one to five stars.
Security is our top priority. Once your order is confirmed, your app will show you the name, phone number and photo of your Driver. If you have any questions or concerns, call or email us.
Drivers have thirty minutes to respond to your request. If no one accepts your request, please try placing your order again. If you have flexibility, you could try a different pick-up time.
If you cancel your request within 30 minutes of the pick-up time you will incur a $10 cancellation charge. If you cancel after your requested pick-up time or after the driver picked up your package, you will be charged in full for the delivery. Anytime prior to 30 minutes from the pick-up time there is no charge.
If this happens please call the Driver; there may have been a misunderstanding. If the issue isn’t resolved, please contact us at help@pointpickup.com or 866-886-PPUP(7787).
Email us at help@pointpickup.com or give us a call 866-886-PPUP(7787) and point pickup will quickly locate an alternate provider for you.
There is no obligation to tip.
Each order is automatically insured up to $500 against theft, breakage or damage. If you feel your package has been damaged or you have other issues, please contact us at help@pointpickup.com or 866-886-PPUP(7787).
Our Drivers will deliver almost anything – seriously, try us. Groceries, dry-cleaning, you name it – so long as it’s legal (keep in mind your state-specific laws and regulations).
Yes. All packages must be picked up at the same address and dropped off at the same address. Also, keep in mind that if the total of all items exceeds 4’x4’ or 25 lbs you must disclose this when you create your order.
Certainly! Use our app to make your delivery request as usual and indicate “Takeout Food” when you place the order. Whoever puts in the request must remember to set the pick-up time for when the food will be ready. Also, we suggest creating your order on the point pickup app before you order the food; this is to make sure a Driver is available to handle your delivery.