Point Pickup

Fast. Reliable. Local. Introducing Point Pickup. The delivery service that delivers.

Much of life involves getting stuff from point A to point B.

Packages, groceries, those keys you forgot - stuff's gotta get where it needs to be.
That's why we created Point Pickup, a next-generation technology platform that automatically matches your delivery orders with our Drivers: friendly folks, who live and work in the towns where we operate. With the Point Pickup app, local businesses can schedule deliveries, people can easily get the stuff they ordered, and our local drivers can keep busy while receiving extra income. Great for companies, great for customers, great for the local economy.

Point Pickup takes care of all kinds of local deliveries - just use our intuitive app or visit pointpickup.com. Request a pickup and a familiar face will quickly arrive at the door. Point Pickup has invested in building an enterprise-grade platform, working behind the scenes to handle logistics and make sure the right stuff gets to the right folks at the right time, every time.

If you're a large business, see how Point Pickup can save you time and boost customer satisfaction. Point Pickup Enterprise connects businesses with our drivers to fulfill delivery needs. We offer the flexibility of scheduling routes and deliveries in advance as well as immediately. Our precise technology makes sure the job gets done. Fast.

Point Pickup. Local delivery. Professionally run.

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